Runge and Company offers consulting expertise for all types of instant
issue cards.   Our core expertise is the evaluation, deployment and
implementation of instant card issuance programs.  Whether you're looking
to issue cards for a proprietary system or for integration with a banking
partner we can guide you on the right path.

Runge & Company carefully evaluates each client’s business objectives, and then performs a
thorough analyses to determine the best approach to development of your strategic affinity
card program.  We perform an extensive competitive assessment, review of your existing
business model including pricing, product features and functionality, and then develop a
comprehensive plan to move your business to a new level to maximize profitability and
sustainability in today's changing market.  

We recognize that each client has a unique perspective on how to promote their brand, on
how to compete in the payments industry, and in managing risk. We offer expertise in major
functional areas including:
Affinity Card Marketing Programs - development of partnerships with card issuers,
including universities, to build relationship programs based on RFP bidding or stand
alone proposals.  RFP bid response management is an area of expertise and we are
proud to say that Runge & Company is undefeated in winning for our clients.  We offer a
turn key solution to take you from internal program development to partnership
implementation through annual program optimization reviews.  

Partnership Evaluation and Structure - our extensive experience in bringing together
successful business relationships makes us uniquely qualified to assist you in valuation
and assessment of partnership agreements.  Sound strategic advice while structuring a
partnership can put you in position to develop a highly scalable revenue generating
business and growth area for your company.

Technology Assessment and Design - Analysis of client legacy systems, development of
preliminary systems design, and systems integration planning.  Working with your IT
team, we'll determine best practice solutions to ensure security, audit/risk management
and customer experience are best of breed.

Feasibility Analysis and Financial Modeling - Runge & Company believes profitability
should be inherent in any card program.  As such we perform a comprehensive cost
justification and "true" cost of ownership analyses, including multi-year ROI/IRR

Project Management - Our services in project management span across every aspect of
card program analysis, development and implementation and include such areas as:
deployment strategies, vendor management, employee sales and card marketing
training, and cross functional team management including external partners.

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