Runge and Company offers consulting expertise for all types of instant
issue cards.   Our core expertise is the evaluation, deployment and
implementation of instant card issuance programs.  Whether you're looking
to issue cards for a proprietary system or for integration with a banking
partner we can guide you on the right path.
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Campus ID Card Partnerships

In an increasingly difficult budgetary climate, many universities are seeking new forms of revenue while identifying
ways to maximize operational efficiency, especially with regard to processing student financial aid funds.  In
partnership with a financial institution schools can develop a campus ID card that achieves all the university's goals
and provides multi function convenience for the cardholder.  When planned and executed well, this partnership can
bear incredible long term benefits to the school, the cardholder, and the financial institution.
Oftentimes, colleges and universities who are searching for a campus card / banking partner will issue a Request for
Proposal process.   Winning the bid to become the school's banking partner requires expertise in a number of
disciplines such as deep knowledge of the competitive landscape, experience in structuring mutually beneficial
revenue arrangements, and innovation to customize a program to the unique needs of the school.  

Runge & Company's expertise has enabled our clients, even those who are new to the campus card space, to
compete successfully against large U.S. banks with established national campus card programs.  In fact, over the last
10 years Runge & Company has won every de novo campus card RFP competition on behalf of our clients.  Our team
provides end-to-end support including he RFP response and presentation, developing the implementation plan,
systems design and integration plan, program marketing, scalability planning, and program launch.

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Today's campus ID card can provide access to a
complete range of campus services (building
access, dining, library, vending, etc.) and also
work as an ATM/Debit card with purchasing power
on and off campus anywhere Vias or MasterCard is

Residual financial aid funds or other refunds can
be deposited electronically by the school to an
FDIC insured checking account or even to a
prepaid debit campus card.  Cardholders can make
purchases, withdraw of funds at ATMs, write
checks, use online bill payment, and even transfer
funds electronically to other cardholders.  
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